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    Duplex house architects for your multi-dwelling residential projects in sydney

    Our team of Sydney-based architects have got the talent, experience and expertise to bring your duplex or other multi-dwelling housing to life.
    A piece of good architecture stands out, irrespective of the location. The beautiful design, all the things that make it a good property, all the things that make it worth investing. That’s what truly separates an excellent work of architecture from the rest. And you can have that duplex house in Sydney in whichever style of design that you prefer. Sydney Architect Group is here to fulfil all of your multi-dwelling housing projects, and that too at a price affordable for all!

    Why choose us for your multi-dwelling housing projects?

    Sydney Architect Group caters to clients pursuing multi-dwelling developments, whether they are a new duplex, townhouses, boarding houses or seniors living development. Our highly qualified multi residential architects are ready for your next development. Sydney Architect Group staff have also put their money where their mouth is, where they have done their developments, ranging from simple duplexes to townhouses, to boarding houses and apartment developments of all sizes. You know that when you come to Sydney Architect Group for your next development, that we understand your ultimate goal, being the highest yield possible. Feel free to ask us to see our portfolio of staff developments. Each project is diligently planned, and a strategy-based approach applied so that each client is on the right path from the start, with constant monitoring and course correction throughout.
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    Sydney Architect Group is one of Sydney’s premium architectural home designers & project managers.

    We cater to clients pursuing apartment developments, whether they are a new boutique or dense apartment design.

    Our team of Sydney-based architects have got the talent, experience and expertise to bring your dream home renovations and alternations to life.

    Your New Duplex Home Designed By Our Top Architects

    It’s time to build that duplex property that you always wanted to build. Sydney Architect Group can turn your dream into a reality, as so we have been doing for so many years now. We know the complexities involved in a house planning project, especially when it’s a duplex architect. Our team of architects and designers can come up with blueprints that surpass your expectations. Just give us one chance, and we won’t disappoint you. That’s our promise! 

    Duplex Homes – A Piece Of Cake For Sydney Architect Group

    In a typical duplex property, you will find two units stacked on one another. Or else, you may see two units attached side-by-side, sharing a common wall. Not only are these types of properties affordable, but they bring in a lot of benefits to the buyer as well. And yes, duplex houses are owned by a single individual. So if you are looking to build a duplex house of your own, then you should consider our house architects services. There are lots of perks of buying a plot of land and building a duplex home from scratch. You can rent out the second home in your duplex property to a tenant and thus, receive a solid rent every month. And more importantly, the resale value of a duplex property in Sydney is pretty high. So, overall, it makes perfect sense to hire our duplex architects for your project.

    Why Hire Our Duplex Architects in Sydney?

    We know it’s often a scary prospect of selecting the right architect for your house planning project. As mentioned earlier, there are lots of complexities involved in a typical duplex home architecture. It just takes one single mistake, and it would cost you thousands of dollars, and therefore, you should always hire someone like Sydney Architect Group!


    Every individual has their ideas as well as preferences when it comes to house planning. At our small architecture firm, you will work with duplex architects that can work on all sorts of projects. Whether you want a minimalistic design inside the house or a house that feeds a classic design, we can plan them all.


    You want to imprint your personality on your new house. And being the leading Duplex Architect in Australia, we never miss any detail from our client. Our team of architects and designers will conduct a meeting with you before starting any project. Such initiatives allow us to absorb your ideas, requirements and budget limitations regarding the new duplex house in Sydney!


    Regardless of the type of construction you want, you always have to take permits from the local governing authorities. And believe us when we tell you that there are lots of permissions that you have to take from the LGA before starting with any construction work. Well, Sydney Architect Group will take the reins and grab these permits on your behalf. It’s easy for our highly experienced duplex architects to sort out these legalities for your dream project.

    We hope that you liked what Sydney Architect Group has to offer. You can call us during our working hours or write an email to us for any type of enquiries. Hope to connect with you soon!

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